Why Yoga?

At some point in human life we all ask ourselves such questions: what is the purpose of life? Who is God and where we come from?

What led me to approach this path?

Some put the above questions aside and don’t give them much importance, while some of us live a life that focuses on finding the truth, I fall into the latter situation.

An emptiness and dissatisfaction came over me when I turned 21, and all these questions began to run in my head. I felt incomplete and unhappy with what I was doing: aimlessly going to social events, hanging out with my so-called “friends”, and going partying. I reached a point where nothing made sense to me anymore, I lost interest in most of these ‘’escapes’’ and I felt a bit lost. This emptiness and suffering were the driving force behind my spiritual journey seeking answers for the unknown.

I began by reading all kinds of books, approaching traditional spiritual practices of my region such as shamanism, pre-Hispanic ceremonies, retreats of Buddhism and meditation, and various types of Yogasana practices. I began to feel a sense of peace and tranquility and gradually learned to listen to myself, I felt more alive than ever, I had the strength and the courage to face any fear that would manifest itself.

After a couple of years of searching around, I found my home in Yoga, a philosophy that teaches us how to live, is a systematic and complete program with more than 5000 years of age.

I am learning how to become more aware of my actions so as not to harm others or myself, educating myself in aspects that educational institutions forgot to teach, developing a clear mind and a dynamic emotional balance where we can recognize that emotions are part of us but do not define us, they come and go, we accept them, process and learn to dance with them.

“We do not seek to imitate teachers, we seek what they seek”

The path of our teachers is not our path, we each have a different process, but we can certainly get inspired by them!

I want to share a part of my journey as a student and a Yoga practitioner, from some of my achievements and goals as well as the obstacles and slips I have been through. We learn from the successes and mistakes of others, I invite you to experience it, with an open mind and a heart willing to recognize that happiness, fulfillment and love are already inside us.



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