Rodrigo started his journey in Yoga a decade ago with a yearn to discover himself. After 4 years of disciplined practice he took his first 200 hours certification and began teaching.

His passion took him to northern India in 2015, where he deepened his knowledge on asana techniques and alignment in the Himalayan Iyengar Center of Dharamsala. Passionate about traveling and overcoming cultural differences and language barriers, Rodrigo has traveled to China and Jordan to share classes and workshops.

While living in Puerto Vallarta, he spent much of his time teaching at Xinalani Retreat, one of the most recognized retreats in Mexico. It was then that he met his first Ashtanga teacher Wayne Krassner, who introduced him to the First and the Intermediate series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Along his path Rodrigo met Maty Ezraty, one of the most recognized teachers in the world of Yoga and founder of YogaWorks. Inspired by this great Teacher, he decided to stop searching and become her student. Rodrigo took his second 200-hour certification at YogaWorks in San Francisco with Maty and several of her intensive teacher workshops.